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Data Vision was born in 1994 from the professional experiences of a group of highly specialized managers
in the Information Technology world.

The continuous updating of specialists, certifications and the constant commitment to solving problems related to Information Systems and New Technologies, make Data Vision a "Solution Provider" able to give effective answers to the needs of its Customers.

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D ata Vision is able to Analyze, Design, Dimension, Implement, Manage and "Maintain" both IT Infrastructures and Application Platforms, integrating existing realities and / or carrying out projects starting from the "analysis of the requirements". For the realization of IT Infrastructures, Data Vision, in addition to making use of hardware and software from leading suppliers, offers design, construction, management and maintenance methodologies of proven efficiency and effectiveness.

Our mission is to provide targeted solutions, Innovative Products and Professional Quality Services aimed at Customers who intend to implement or manage projects and / or business activities, for which the relationship with a reliable, qualified and open-ended technological partner is fundamental.
For its Customers, Data Vision aims to design, build and manage IT, Security, Networks, Data Centers as well as Application Platforms, meeting their needs both in terms of business continuity and support to customer growth.
The staff of Data Vision has exceeded 90 units, of which at least 90% is made up of IT / IS professionals. Data Vision is continuously growing, consequently the company is committed to constantly implementing its structure both in terms of operating units and in terms of professional training.
3 Territorial coverage
The headquarters of Data Vision is located in Rome (Pomezia technological center).
The system support activities are provided thanks to an operational coverage distributed throughout the Italian territory.
The Rome-Pomezia office acts as a center of competence and an escalation point for more complex issues, Data Vision is present in Milan with a Branch office.

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